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4 things included in the Bike Ped program

Using a car or other transportation all the time can create environmental pollution. You should instead use a bicycle or walk. This will not only reduce environmental pollution but will also keep you healthy. This program teaches you how to cycle and walk safely on the road. You will know about the different health benefits you get from cycling and walking. Here are the main things that are included in the program.

Rules of road

You will learn about the rules of the road. You must ride in the right lane. You should choose a lane that has less traffic and is narrow. When turning, you should give proper signal way before. You should use hand signals to turn. You should be careful when you come to intersections and roundabouts.

Traffic laws

You should obey traffic laws. Remember that you will have to share the lane with the motorists. So, you should give way to them as needed. You can get online resources for traffic laws. If you violate the bicycle law, you will be penalized just like the car drivers.

Reasons for bicycling

Most people ride bicycles for recreational purposes. But there are many people who use a bicycle to go to college or work. You should find good reasons to cycle. It will help you in avoiding traffic jam and you will be able to improve your health. When you ride a bicycle you shouldn’t use your mobile phone. Any kind of distraction can cause an accident. As you will be using the same lane as the cars, you should always keep a distance of 3 km between you to avoid accidents. You should decide on the route you are going to take. It is better to take the route having less traffic.

Dealing with accidents

Even after taking lots of precautions, accidents can take place. You should know what to do in such case. You should call the police and explain what actually happened on the road and whose fault was it.

This program is a good initiative to promote cycling and walking. You should make it a habit to cycle or walk. For short distances, you should avoid using your car. You should know the proper traffic rules so that you don’t block cars on the road or cause accidents. This program will help you to gain knowledge about the usefulness of cycling and walking also. The BikePed is a very effective program for those who are thinking of commuting using a bicycle or walking.

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