4 tips for reading maps and remembering directions

Many people can’t remember a place they have visited before. Driving and finding a new place can be complex. Now there are many GPS devices that you can use in your car to help you reach your destinations. You can even install apps related to the direction on your mobile phones. Despite all these technological advancements, having a map in your car still helps. Here are some tips for reading maps.

Learn about the different sides of the map

You should first know which direction is North, South, East or West. You can use different acronyms like ‘Never Eat Sour Watermelon’ to remember the sides. You should practice driving your car in front of your house. That way, you will know where the roads go.

Follow directions

You should learn how to read directions from a map. You should know the street signs. You should write down the directions to better understand it. Another way to remember directions is to have the direction written on a paper for going to your destination but finding your own way home without having any directions written.

Map reading

Apart from a paper map, you can now get directions on your GPS. It calculates the shortest possible route for you. In case you forget to take the right turn, your GPS will again calculate the shortest route to your destination from your current location. Modern GPS also takes traffic road construction works into consideration before mapping a route. A good exercise for reading map is to identify your location on the map first. Then you should plot the route to the destination yourself.

Remembering directions

You should visualize the map in your head. You should remember cues like a big tree or a store. First, understand how the main roads run. Then find out how they branch out. Remembering the address is important. You can link the street name with your senses or any memory.That way you will easily remember the address.

By knowing how to read maps you will be able to reach your destination safely. You need to practice lots of time in order to become an expert map reader. If you still get lost, you can ask people on the street or gas stations to give you directions. If you drive a car regularly and go to different destinations you will eventually learn how to read maps. You will never get lost if you have a map with you.