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Three Benefits of Going for Long Luxurious Drives

From a rather personal standpoint, one of the biggest reasons why it is worth getting a car is the fact that you will get to drive it. Let’s face it, public transportation can be garbage most days and being at the mercy of someone else’s schedule (like a bus company or the subway) can really throw off plans. So when you’ve got a car, one of the best things about it is the actual driving.

Not just actually driving; we’re actually talking about going on some long and rather luxurious drives in your vehicle. Did you know that there are actual benefits to this? If you don’t quite believe us, you may want to tune in for these three particular benefits of going on long drives in your car:

Performance Testing

You don’t really get to test out the power of your vehicle by limiting it to city or suburb roads. To really know what your car is capable of, you need to run it on long stretching roads—or long winding ones—if that’s what you’re into.

Think of it as breaking in your car and really understanding the unison of the driver and the machine.


Driving is arguably one of the more stressful things in life IF you’re driving under stressful conditions like intense traffic or rushing to meet a deadline or your punch in time at work. When driving is done for the sheer pleasure of it, it’s a completely different story.

Driving when you have a destination that you’re looking forward to is one of the best ways to de-stress from the daily grind and problems you face day to day. Long and luxurious drives are usually done in your own pace so you completely dictate how soon you get to where you’re going. This level of control is something that can help break the monotony of whatever has been worrying you.


Studies have shown that most people don’t travel past 10 miles from where they were born. What’s worse is the fact that most of these people do not even discover what is around them. Going on long drives with your car is a great way to truly discover what’s around you.

Driving around for discovery can be done around your local area. Find a new place to eat or a new place to bring your business to. You would be floored to discover the truly incredible things that were just waiting for you to find them.

All that being said, it should not even surprise you in the least that we highly suggest that you take your car on a much needed long drive. Have you taken your car for a long drive yet? Which benefit are you looking forward to getting?

4 tips for reading maps and remembering directions

Many people can’t remember a place they have visited before. Driving and finding a new place can be complex. Now there are many GPS devices that you can use in your car to help you reach your destinations. You can even install apps related to the direction on your mobile phones. Despite all these technological advancements, having a map in your car still helps. Here are some tips for reading maps.

Learn about the different sides of the map

You should first know which direction is North, South, East or West. You can use different acronyms like ‘Never Eat Sour Watermelon’ to remember the sides. You should practice driving your car in front of your house. That way, you will know where the roads go.

Follow directions

You should learn how to read directions from a map. You should know the street signs. You should write down the directions to better understand it. Another way to remember directions is to have the direction written on a paper for going to your destination but finding your own way home without having any directions written.

Map reading

Apart from a paper map, you can now get directions on your GPS. It calculates the shortest possible route for you. In case you forget to take the right turn, your GPS will again calculate the shortest route to your destination from your current location. Modern GPS also takes traffic road construction works into consideration before mapping a route. A good exercise for reading map is to identify your location on the map first. Then you should plot the route to the destination yourself.

Remembering directions

You should visualize the map in your head. You should remember cues like a big tree or a store. First, understand how the main roads run. Then find out how they branch out. Remembering the address is important. You can link the street name with your senses or any memory.That way you will easily remember the address.

By knowing how to read maps you will be able to reach your destination safely. You need to practice lots of time in order to become an expert map reader. If you still get lost, you can ask people on the street or gas stations to give you directions. If you drive a car regularly and go to different destinations you will eventually learn how to read maps. You will never get lost if you have a map with you.

4 things included in the Bike Ped program

Using a car or other transportation all the time can create environmental pollution. You should instead use a bicycle or walk. This will not only reduce environmental pollution but will also keep you healthy. This program teaches you how to cycle and walk safely on the road. You will know about the different health benefits you get from cycling and walking. Here are the main things that are included in the program.

Rules of road

You will learn about the rules of the road. You must ride in the right lane. You should choose a lane that has less traffic and is narrow. When turning, you should give proper signal way before. You should use hand signals to turn. You should be careful when you come to intersections and roundabouts.

Traffic laws

You should obey traffic laws. Remember that you will have to share the lane with the motorists. So, you should give way to them as needed. You can get online resources for traffic laws. If you violate the bicycle law, you will be penalized just like the car drivers.

Reasons for bicycling

Most people ride bicycles for recreational purposes. But there are many people who use a bicycle to go to college or work. You should find good reasons to cycle. It will help you in avoiding traffic jam and you will be able to improve your health. When you ride a bicycle you shouldn’t use your mobile phone. Any kind of distraction can cause an accident. As you will be using the same lane as the cars, you should always keep a distance of 3 km between you to avoid accidents. You should decide on the route you are going to take. It is better to take the route having less traffic.

Dealing with accidents

Even after taking lots of precautions, accidents can take place. You should know what to do in such case. You should call the police and explain what actually happened on the road and whose fault was it.

This program is a good initiative to promote cycling and walking. You should make it a habit to cycle or walk. For short distances, you should avoid using your car. You should know the proper traffic rules so that you don’t block cars on the road or cause accidents. This program will help you to gain knowledge about the usefulness of cycling and walking also. The BikePed is a very effective program for those who are thinking of commuting using a bicycle or walking.

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