Numerology is the study of the meaning of numbers and the way they influence our lives. It is an attempt to understand the relationship between our names, birth dates, and other numbers in existence. Modern science has discovered that there is an intrinsic link between matter and energy. Simply put, everything around us, including matter, is just energy or vibrations. Every vibration has a frequency, which is nothing but a number.

This means, despite visible cosmetic differences, all objects, events, and occurrences around us are nothing but interaction of different vibrations, frequencies and numbers.

Basics of Numerology

In the modern world, numbers are nothing more than ordinary tools that help us quantify and measure things. However, the ancient world viewed numbers as something more than ordinary symbols. Numbers had meaning and a person’s association with a specific number helped ancient cultures learn more about his or her traits, characteristics, preferences and habits.

Numerology recognizes that there may be more to the world around us than what is just visible to the naked eye. Talking about invisible waves that could carry sound over long distances would have been dismissed as madness just a few hundred years ago. Today, mobile telephony has become an integral part of our lives.

Numerology is not a magic bullet that will automatically solve all your problems. Rather, it is just one of the many tools that attempt to strike the right balance between the logical left brain and the intuitive right brain.

History of Numerology

There is no consensus about the origins of numerology. One school of thought treats Pythagoras as the discoverer of numerology. Others believe that Pythagoras merely learnt from the Egyptians and passed numerology on to the Western world. Others further believe that numerology existed in one form or another in all ancient civilizations including the Hindus, Chinese, Mayans, and Indian Americans.

There are three main schools of numerology – Chaldean, Pythagorean, and Kabbalah.

The Chaldean school assigns a specific vibration to each letter, which, in turn, is related to one of the numbers between one and eight. The number nine is a sacred number that is connected with all the letters.

The Pythagorean school assigns numbers to letters in the sequence in which they are used. So, A is associated with 1 while I is connected with 9.

The Kabbalah system focuses on the individual’s name with 22 vibrations, ranging from one to 400 vibrations, being assigned to different letters.

The ancient science focusing on the connection between numbers and our lives was rediscovered in the 1850s and has been steadily attracting followers and enthusiasts eager to learn more about this ancient knowledge. There are even websites where you can get numerology readings for free by trained professionals.

Benefits of Numerology

While numbers may have philosophical or metaphysical implications, there is no denying that numbers help us maintain order in life. From rockets that fly into space to our cell phones, everything would collapse without numbers. Hence, the knowledge of numerology’s nature cannot be separated from its practical and real benefits. So, how exactly can numerology help us in our daily lives?

Knowledge is Power

Are you a number one person? If yes, then trying to play second fiddle to others is unlikely to prove to be an effective strategy. 1 represents ego, which defines us and represents the essence of what we are. Steve Jobs was a number one person, which tells us that such persons, although difficult and abrasive at times, can be great leaders who can have a huge impact on all of us.

Now, this does not mean all number one people should be blindly put in charge. Yet, a qualified 1 is likely to prove to be a better leader as compared to a person connected to a different number. You can manipulate this connection only if you know about it, which is what numerology is all about.

Make Smarter Choices

Why bother with free will if everything is determined by numbers? Again, numerology is an excellent guide that can help you understand yourself and make smarter choices. Can you defeat numbers? Sure. However, most people want a happy and peaceful existence, which involves knowing more about oneself and making choices accordingly.

Make your Life Smoother

Can you accelerate your car and touch 80 mph by driving in the first gear? Doesn’t make sense, right? If your name and birth date are not in sync or if your office address or phone number don’t match the numbers that are connected with your birth date, then leading a smooth and obstacle-free life can seem like a tough and tiring affair.

Relying on numerology is like shifting gears to let the system work at peak efficiency. It is not a matter of personal beliefs. The connection between matter, energy, vibrations and frequencies cannot be denied as a matter of faith or belief. It is real, which means numerology too has a logical and scientific foundation. Now, it is up to you to decide whether you want to benefit from it or not.

Wise masters in different civilizations have repeatedly emphasized that the secrets of the universe lie within us. Learning more about numerology is just an attempt to understand how our personal universe works and how everything from the farthest galaxies to the smallest atom are connected and held together by one thing – numbers.